December 3rd, 2018



we are pleased to announce the launch of a ground-breaking report that articulates the capacity building needs of some Disabled People Organizations in Liberia.

This report is titled “Diagnostic Study on Disabled Peoples’ Organisations and National Union of Organisations of the Disabled”.

The report outlines the desk review process, case studies and a workshop using persons with disabilities to set scenarios for a deliberative process thereby capturing the changing views of people with disabilities as they examine a broad range of capacity building options for self-advancement. The suggestions from persons with disabilities are vibrant to ensure a rapid change in the organisational management of various disabled people organisations across Liberia.

The report is an initiative of the Disability and Startup project (DASU) funded by the Italian Agency for development Cooperation (AICS) which is currently being implemented in Bong, Nimba, Grand Gedeh and Monrovia respectively. We are thankful to Dr. Sunil Deepak, Technical Consultant at AIFO for the compilation of this report. Special thanks also goes to NUOD, NCD and the project’s registered DPOs for the support.

Please find below two versions of the report: An Easy to Read version as well as the Full Report. Wish you a good read and thanks to everyone for the support in making this report a reality.



If you have any inquiry or recommendations, we would be grateful to receive your input; please write to


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