AIFO is an International NGO with headquarters in Bologna, Italy, working in the field of international health cooperation and disability since 1961. AIFO operates in Liberia since 1997. AIFO Liberia’s mission focuses on the promotion of disability rights, building the capacity of local Disabled People Organizations (DPOs) and on fostering economic independence for People with Disabilities (PWDs).
The Swedish (SIDA 2016 – 2020) strategy for development cooperation in Liberia poses distinct attention to gender equality, respect of human rights and democracy, as critical principles backing the enjoyment of development and developmental programs in the country. The strategy also recognizes the need to work with duty bearers (the state) and right holders (the citizenry) to ensure development programs are demand-driven, transparent, sustainable and locally owned.
With overarching strategic direction, AIFO and SIDA entered an agreement in December of 2019, for the development of a proposal for an action promoting the human rights of people with disability in Liberia. The agreement decided on an inception phase of one year, which extended by five months until May 2021 due to the global crisis, COVID-19. The activities started in July 2020…..



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