About AIFO Liberia
The “Association Friends of Raoul Follereau” (AIFO) is an Italian non-for-profit organisation that has been present in Liberia since 1997. AIFO Liberia offers opportunities for people affected by leprosy, persons with disabilities (PWDs), women/children and members from vulnerable and marginalised communities to lead a better quality of life. AIFO Liberia focuses on healthcare and economic empowerment to provide a better quality of life and create large scale positive change. AIFO Liberia is accredited by the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning, Republic of Liberia; accreditation number 0094.

About the Bid
AIFO Liberia is considering to contract an experienced Website Service Provider to redesign, host, and manage its website for information sharing with a wider audience as part of its communications and visibility strategies. Duration to complete such task and have the redesigned website live online is January 20, 2022 – February 20, 2022. Please see details in annex 1.
The procedure will be carried out according to the principles of transparency, proportionality, equality of treatment, traceability equal treatment and non-discrimination.

The selection will be based according to the best value for money principle.

Please consider that your proposal must be submitted at the latest by : January 15, 2022
All proposals should be sent via email to aifoliberia@gmail.com


Download Detailed Proposal Here:


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