Ref. project: CAD-L 14819 Reference: 18G/2022_QR2_CAD-L

Dear Sir/Madam:

AIFO Liberia will be accepting bid proposals for the above referred project. Bid must be received by no later than June 30, 2022. Bids received after this date and/or time will not be accepted.


The purpose of this project is to change systems and institutions in Liberia to include persons with disabilities (PWDs) in development processes, where persons with disabilities, act as advocates and agents of change for an equitable and inclusive society.

The Coordinated Action on Disability in Liberia program coordinates the effort of duty bearers (employers, entrepreneurs, policy makers, the Police, amongst others), right based holders (persons with disabilities and leprosy patients), Organizations of persons with disabilities (DPOs) and of Women with disabilities (OWWDs), and the institutions and CSOs representing them, towards improving the economic independence of PWDs through access to socio-economic and sexual reproduction health rights (SRHRs) and the means of communications to advocate for their entitlements.


The selected firm will be responsible to supply high quality material for solar energy, install the solar system at AIFO Liberian head office in Sinkor and provide AIFO Liberia maintenance department knowledge/tips to properly maintain the system.

If you are interested in submitting a bid, submit all documents via email to Please indicate in the subject line of the email: AIFO LIBERIA SOLAR GRID INSTALLATION–Ref: 18G/2022_QR2_CAD-L

Your bid shall be reviewed by a vetting committee upon submission. The bid must include requested work items, conform to the project standards/specifications and be responsive, accurate, and cost reasonable.

The bid document shall comprise:
• A cover letter stating why you consider your service suitable for the assignment (1 page)
• The planned methodology for the service.
• Most recent business registration and tax Clarence.
• CVs highlighting qualifications of the supervising and technical team, and their experiences.
• Work references – contact details (e-mail addresses) of referees (for whom you’ve performed
similar service)
• A detailed budget indicating cost and a breakdown of expenses for the job.

• The supplier should provide information that the materials are original and durable. Information about the manufacturer should be provided for verification.
• Timeline for procurement and installation of the solar system.

AIFO Liberia will select the best firm to perform all work required and the contract will be executed between AIFO Liberia and the winning company.

AIFO Liberia has the right to reject any and all bids at their sole discretion. Should you have any questions, or concerns about this service, please contact Matthew W. Tumoe, Jr for clarification prior to bidding. You are reminded that your bid should be inclusive of all taxes, fees, permits and all other costs.

Upon selection of the winning Firm, AIFO Liberia will send a bid award notice. The bid award notice will advise the selected consultant of the date, time and location of the pre-work conference that must take place, before any part of the work can begin. Upon satisfactory completion of the pre-work conference, AIFO Liberia will issue a “Notice to Proceed”.

Thank you for your consideration of this invitation to bid.



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